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Connor is based on the East Coast and is passionate about contemporary Scottish politics and culture.
Referendum campaigns mark 100 days

Yes Scotland and Better Together have marked 100 days to go until the Scottish independence referendum on 18 September.

First Minister Alex Salmond said the country “now has 100 days in which to complete a 100-year-home rule journey”.

But Alistair Darling, leader of the Better Together campaign, said that “with just one hundred days of campaigning left the nationalists are running out of arguments – and they are running out of time”.

Both campaigns are stepping up their efforts to win over undecided voters against the background of tightening opinion polls.

Yes Scotland launched their five-point ‘Yes Guarantee’, saying that a vote for independence would mean:

  1. The security of having control of Scotland’s vast wealth and resources.
  2. The job-creating powers we need – an economic policy that puts Scotland first.
  3. Big savings by not spending money on nuclear weapons or Westminster MPs and Lords.
  4. The governments we vote for – every time.
  5. Public services like the NHS protected from Westminster privatisation.

But Darling insisted that his campaign was “offering the guarantee of a constitutional future for Scotland which corresponds with what the great majority of Scots have told us they want”.

He said it “is now clear that a No vote will bring more powers to Scotland within the UK”, citing various devolution proposals from the Conservative, Labour, and Liberal Democrat parties.

He issued a “100 day challenge”, telling voters: “I want to use these 100 days not to see Scotland divided further but to bring together most of us in this nation around a common vision of Scotland leading the United Kingdom after September 18 – not Scotland leaving the United Kingdom.”

Nevertheless, Yes Scotland leader Blair Jenkins said the Yes camp was “well positioned for success in September” because of its grassroots strength.

He said: “We are a more prosperous economy than the UK, France or Japan, but we need control of economic and welfare powers to make sure that the wealth of Scotland works for all the people.

“I know there are many people who remain to be convinced and it is by talking with them in millions of conversations that we will win them over to Yes.”

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