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James McAvoy on indyref: ‘I don’t know’

Scottish film star James McAvoy has said he doesn’t know which way he’ll lean in the Scottish independence referendum this September.

Speaking in an interview with the Scotsman, McAvoy said he was “not anti-political as a person, but I am anti-political when it comes to independence in Scotland” and that he felt “negative” about both the Yes Scotland and Better Together campaigns.

James McAvoy, who was born in Port Glasgow, recently starred in Filth, the film adaptation of the Irvine Welsh novel of the same name.

He is next set to appear on cinema screens in X-Men: Days of Future Past, which is released in the UK on 22 May.

McAvoy told his interviewer: “[The referendum] should be a choice about identity, not about whether we’ll get oil, the pound or whether we will be richer. You know that there are statements that just can’t be backed up on both sides. It shouldn’t be a question of ‘are things going to be better?’

“There’s no country in this world that says, ‘I’m really happy with this government. Taxes are great, education is great and everything is cool, because I voted for my guy’.

“So yes or no, we’re still going to be bitching. Things are still going to be shit, or good. It’s just going to be different shit, or different good. These politicians, you can’t trust them as far as you can throw them, and we’re getting sucked into a meaningless political debate. I will go with whatever way my country votes, but I don’t know which way I want to go yet.”

The actor also tried to pre-empt campaigners who might co-opt images of him for their campaign, saying: “There’s an image of me in X-Men: First Class with basically a Saltire on my face, and I’m like ‘oh please, don’t use that for the fucking Yes campaign’.”

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